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Previous Speaking Engagements

Intro to Angular

An introduction to AngularJS. Mostly live coding examples on Plnkr, so no slides to show off here.

  • Where: Northeast Wisconsin AITP
  • When: Wednesday, January 21st, 2015

Intro to Ruby on Rails

A full day workshop introducing people to the core concepts in Ruby on Rails.

ECMAScript 6, the Future of JavaScript

Introduction to AngularJS

An introduction to the core concepts in AngularJS. The presentation was made in the browser and the slides contained an executable Angular app that we built and examined throughout the presentation.

Intro to Git

The title says it all! I covered the basics of how to use Git and how to implement an effective branching strategy using git-flow.


Jon Kinney and I did a comparison of the two popular CSS preprocessors showing what they are capable and highlighting the differences between them.

Getting Started with PyroCMS

We had a “CMS smackdown” where people signed up to defend different CMSs and fight for why theirs was superior to the other offerings. I chose PyroCMS because I was big into CodeIgniter at the time but had never used it and I figured it was a good way to force myself to learn something new.

CodeIgniter 101

An overview of the CodeIgniter PHP framework for the Fox Cities PHP meetup.

Intro to Sinatra

A brief introduction to Sinatra for the Green Bay Ruby Users Group.

Introduction to the HTML5 Boilerplate

An overview of the HTML5 boilerplate for the Web 920 Meetup.