I’ve been a full-time developer for the past 6 years. I’ve worked as co-founder of a marketing firm, co-founder of my own startup ideas, an independent contractor and CTO of a funded startup. I started my career as a web designer but quickly fell in love with software development. I kept digging deeper into the back end and now I’ve found my sweet spot as a software engineer that gets to exercise an eye for design and UX on a regular basis. More than anything I love solving customer problems with beautiful, usable software built on cutting edge technology.

Over the past year I’ve been working as a full-stack (and solo) developer at WeMontage. Although I enjoy playing in every layer of the application stack, I prefer doing feature development and writing clean, well-tested code. I’ve been working in Ruby (Rails) for the last few years, but I’m comfortable working in any dynamic language. Lately I’ve enjoyed building UIs with client-side frameworks like Angular and Ember.

My passion for software engineering is matched by my love of building great products. In my previous positions I’ve been involved in product decisions as much as I have the engineering. I enjoy being a part of the build-measure-learn cycle as much as the red-green-refactor.


Although it doesn’t showcase much of my recent work, my GitHub profile shows some of my contributions to the open source community. I don’t feel that it is a very good representation of where I am as a developer, so if you’d like to get a feel for my technical abilities and whether I’d be a good fit for your team, please let me pair with you.

Work History

Here are a few highlights of what I’ve done in my career, but please take a look at my LinkedIn profile if you’d like a detailed list of my work history.

  • Technical Co-Founder of WeMontage – Joined the team after they completed the gener8tor program and received their first round of funding.
  • Lead Organizer of Startup Weekend Green Bay – Lead organizer for the first ever Startup Weekend Green Bay.
  • Co-Founder of Digital Fertilizer – Giving back and building the community is extremely important to me so I spend a lot of time organizing, attending and speaking at local tech events.
  • Co-Owner of The Creamery – My wife, brother and I started (and sold) a coffee shop in De Pere, WI.
  • Co-Founder of Charitabli – Founded a company that helps local nonprofits raise money through micro donations online.
  • Co-Founder of Perception – Partnered up with a designer and formed a marketing company straight out of college.